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VIP tutors is a tutor/teacher & faculty employment empowering site, Powered by “SYBRA CORPORATION” to promote employment at Local and National Level for Social and Educational Development. Here “Home Tutor Job” app is designed to disperse quick requirement & inquiries related to 1 to 1 private tuition tutors, online private tuition, group tuition and faculty placement job. We are the cities best Private tutors, online tuition tutors, home tutors and faculty placement Service provider since 2011. We offer the best and qualified teachers to our students and having more than 71000+ nearby Home Tutors available with us. Thanks.

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Personalized Home Tuitions & Online Tuitions.

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Affordable Home Tuitions & Online Tuitions.

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Find Best Home Tuition Tutor All Over India. Best Home Tutors and Best Online Tutors.

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A Tree Is Known By The Fruit It Bears, We Are Known By The Tutors We Provide.

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Excellent support by our tutors on our platform.

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When it comes to reliability, we are the one you need!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Trial Class Free or Paid?
Trial Class can be a free or paid depending on tutor. In most cases, Trial Class is free of cost However in some cases experienced tutor might demand paid Trial Class.

What is the cost of hiring a home tutor / online tutor?
The tutor fees depend upon various factors such as your location, the tutor's experience, the specific exam (Neet/IIT JEE etc.), the duration of the sessions, and number of subjects. All the tutors listed on our website set their own fees. Just contact us here or call us to know the fees of hiring a home tutor.

Will I have to pay in advance or Can I pay Session Wise?
Its depends upon the mutual Interest. In monthly charge, payment is usually done in advance (Recommended payment on our website) and in session wise class payment is usually done session wise.

Will my fees amount be refunded if I do not wish to continue?
If payment is made through us, Yes we will refund your amount on pro-rata basis within 5 working days.

What happens if teacher discontinues class for any reason?
We will provide another tutor who is expert in the relevant subject. If you aren't satisfied with the new tutor and you ask for a refund then we will refund your amount on pro rata basis. But generally this does not happen.

Will I get fees payment receipt?
If payment is made through us, Yes we provide payment receipt on each and every fee payment.

Where does the tutoring takes place?
In-person, tutoring will take place in the parent's home. If the person being tutored is under 18, it is strongly recommended that a parent/guardian is present during the tutoring sessions for safety reasons.

Can I get a home tutor for specific subjects?
Yes, you can get a tutor for any specific subject of your choice.

How do i use the website to find a home tutor?
Just call us at the given phone number or fill the form above to get a tutor.

Do home tutors cover the syllabus for all subjects?
The home tutors are responsible for covering the syllabus of the subjects they are hired for. Therefore yes – if you are hiring a home tutor to teach all subjects we will assign you a home tutor who is good in teaching all subjects.

Will I get the teacher's documents?
Yes, We can show teacher's relevant documents on demand.

For how long my registration as a tutor is valid?
Tutor registration is valid for one year. Next year, you need to renew it.